IE 39 Interview Transcript With Joe Rivera. Lessons Learned From Teaching The Deaf.

SUNG LEE: Average person being an extraordinary teacher. It’s kind of like Clark Kent becoming Superman. This is Inspiring Educators, Episode No. 39.

Joe Rivera is a middle school and high school teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing students at the Los Angeles Marlton schools. As a high school student, Joe was already assisting his teachers communicate with the deaf students through sign language. His compassion for these special group of students would eventually lead Joe to pursue a career in teaching and providing guidance for the deaf.
Joining us is our inspiring educator, Mr. Joe Rivera. Welcome Joe.

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Getting Lost to Find Myself. Taking A Leave of Absence from Teaching.

Uhuru  Giza  LuanPrabang

On February, 2007, I witnessed one of the most glorious sunrises I would experience in my life atop Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  Our group, which started at midnight in a classic alpine start from our high basecamp, pushed upwards, climbed, and scrambled the rocky fields over the last remaining several thousand feet towards the highest place in Africa.  It was bitterly cold that night and the high wind speed constantly swept down from the mountain top, pushing back climbers like an invisible hand.  As I grabbed onto my jacket hood, turned away, and shielded my face from the gust of wind, I was greeted with headlights from individual climbers dotting the trail beneath me.  

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“Aim of Education” by Paul Yingling

The following is the transcript of Mr. Paul Yingling’s speech, “Aim of Education” from our episode 14.  It’s one of the more eloquently and honestly written assessment of the state of the education in the US.  Paul’s keen sense of situational awareness and his ability to influence and move his audience with words truly exemplifies him as an inspiring educator.  I’m honored to share his thoughts here:

The Aim of Education

Delivered to on July 10, 2014

Paul Yingling

When Roman centurions would inspect their forces before battle, soldiers would strike their breast plates and say integritas! Roman soldiers had two breast plates – a thin, light piece meant only for parades and a thick, heavy piece that would stop a spear.

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