IE73: Tammy McMorrow. #FlyHighFri.


Tammy McMorrow

It’s Friday and time to celebrate individual success in education.  Joining us to share her #FlyHighFri moment of the week is Mrs. Tammy McMorrow of Kuna, Idaho.  Tammy has been teaching first grade for 22 years in Idaho and while first grade has its challenges, she feels the rewards are greater.  Tammy can’t imagine teaching anyone but six-year olds and be forever in first. An avid reader and runner, Tammy joins us today with Inspiring Educators to share her victory for the week.

Contact Tammy:

Twitter:     @TammyMcMorrow

Blog Site:  Forever First

4 responses to “IE73: Tammy McMorrow. #FlyHighFri.”

  1. Barb

    Tammy’s one of the best teachers I know!

  2. Wendy

    You are one of my heroes! Thank you for working so hard to make sure our little ones get a great start on their academic journey!

  3. Julia

    Tammy, you are an amazing teacher and I am so blessed to work with you.

  4. Julia

    You are an amazing teacher and I am blessed to work with you.

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