IE68: Allison Kerley. Flipped and Blended Classroom.


Allison Kerley

When you have lived abroad, you can never return home as the same person.  All your preconceived notion of your home and the world is broadened and enhanced with real life experience.  The ability to bring such valued lessons in life into the classroom is unique among the very passionate teachers who lead by example.  

Our inspiring educator, Allison Kerley, has lived in Belgium and seven states before settling, for the time being, as an elementary teacher in Atlanta.  Miss Kerley represents the vanguard of a new generation of educators who are tech savvy, progressive, and worldly.  Miss Kerley’s class is a model setting for integrated flip and blended learning into the curriculum.  Her flipped class has led to better facilitating individualized lessons for her students, improved assessment, and increased engagement.  

Miss Kerley is a member of the Fulton County Vanguard team, training and coaching staff at schools in technology integration and work with the district on personalizing learning.  Miss Kerley is also the 2015 Teacher of the Year for Shakerag Elementary School.  

Allison graduated from Clemson University and has been a member of the school marching band playing the flute and the piccolo.  She remains loyal and is a huge Clemson Football fan.  

Contact Allison:

Website:      Ms. Kerely

Twitter:      @TeachKerley

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