IE64: Todd Irving. Leadership and Transforming Failing Schools.



Transforming a failing school should be ranked up there as one of the most difficult tasks a person can undertake. Reenergizing, motivating, and instilling confidence in the teaching and support staff for the marathon school year is no easy task, and we haven’t even begun to mention about disruptive students and non-participation from parents.  The depth of the problem becomes so deeply engrained in the school culture and problems so varied, hope is often blurred and buried in the daily struggle to maintain any sense and normalcy.  

There are no easy solutions to such deeply rooted problems.  The daunting task requires cooperation with all stakeholders: the staff, students, parents, and the surrounding community.  To orchestrate the minute details of school improvements while having a clear big picture, the job takes a special leader to provide the level of trust during the lengthy process.  Turing around failed schools and changing the school climate is our guest’s specialty.  

Mr. Todd Irving has spent almost 17 years working in demanding urban schools.  While successfully guiding his current school in Orange County back to shape, Todd has never forgotten the core value of people centered leadership.  In this episode of Inspiring Educators, Mr. Irving shares his philosophy in education, the value of every child in his school and their parents, and his unbreakable support for dedicated staff and teachers.  

Contact Todd:

Email:                          Todd.Irving@SAUSD.US

Phone:                         562-208-4219

School Website:        Spuregon Intermediate School

2 responses to “IE64: Todd Irving. Leadership and Transforming Failing Schools.”

  1. Tesha Sengupta

    What a powerful speaker and what a treat to hear the trajectory of a school leader from the earliest roots to the later stages of a fruitful career.

  2. D. Sengupta

    It is encouraging to read about dedicated teachers like Mr.
    Irving who have undertaken the task of educating underprivileged kids in this country against many odds.

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