IE58: Penny Sturtevant. People Centered Leadership.



The role of a school administrator is arguably one of the most challenging positions for any individual in a leadership position.  The ability to provide personal attention to daily details of individual student, parent, or staff member while orchestrating the mass to a cohesive common goal requires a level of competence and patience very few perfect during their tenure.  The clear difference between a leader instilling and providing a vision for the school and a manager merely maintaining the status quo, is the difference between a thriving and vibrant school of learners and an average school focused on percent gains on standardized tests.

Joining us on Inspiring Educators is Penny Sturtevant, a middle school Principal from Ohio.  Penny’s unlikely journey into education as a teacher, counselor, and to her current role as the Principal reflects her people centered style of leadership.  The role of a Principal at top can be a lonely journey, but Penny’s approach and philosophy, a great institution does not stand on any single leadership alone, but with an effective team, has set into motion a successful partnership with teachers, students, and parents.

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4 responses to “IE58: Penny Sturtevant. People Centered Leadership.”

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  2. Jill Elliott

    She is so sincere and real about her role as an instructional leader with a real focus on kids!

  3. Patricia Thompson

    Penny Sturtevant doesn’t put any one group of people ahead of another. She has the unique talent to blend the importance of supporting and guiding them all. She weaves their needs with ones talents and supports them as they rise.

  4. BJ Helton

    She is an amazing woman. If it wasn’t for her i would not be where i am today.thank you Mrs Sturtevant

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