IE55: Mari Venturino. #FlyHighFri.



It’s Friday!  The week’s work is done, but we know, the work is really never done.  There are essays or labs to grade while catching some football games over the weekend and lessons to be planned for the upcoming week, but today is Friday.  First, we are going to celebrate our victory in the classroom, however big or small.    

Mari Venturino is teacher in San Diego and has started a movement at her school to share the positive experiences between her colleagues every Friday.  She and her digital colleague in Virginia, Justin Birkbichler, opened it to the world via Twitter with a hashtag #FlyHighFri.  Each week educators all over join in and post their moments of triumph.  

So every Friday, we will #FlyHighFri and finish strong!  Today, we begin with Mari’s defining educational moment of the week.

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