IE53: Teaching Outside the Classroom. Just As Important.



Some of the most meaningful dialogues I’ve had with students occurred outside the class time.  The opportunity afforded me to get to know my students on a one to one level, especially the more introverted ones.  Free from peer pressure and the the urgency to complete the lesson plan for the day, the calm of the morning and the afternoon was the perfect time to discuss all things important in life.

There’s a side to a student who volunteers to come out to play a sport or joins a club, teachers are fortunate to be part of.  The same is afforded to a student; they see a wonderful part of the teacher who volunteers her time to share a common interest and bond.  I’ve never taken for granted how spending time outside the class to listen to a student share about his or her goals, family, or life meant so much to both of us.  When educators take the time to create an opportunity for students outside the classroom, the implication for student success, academically and emotionally, is immeasurably enhanced.

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