IE52: Stacey Lindes. #PodcastPD.


Stacey Lindes

Stacey Lindes is a Teacher Resource Specialist for Technology (an exceptionally long title for a tech integrator/innovator/coach) in Central New Jersey (yes, it really does exist). In her current position, she works in a 4th and 5th grade school supporting the 1:1 GAFE program.

A two time graduate from The College of New Jersey, Stacey earned a her MAT in Elementary Education. Since that time, Stacey has taught 2nd, 3rd, and, most recently, 1st grades and has experience in preschool and 4th and 5th grades.

Stacey is also the founder of #PodcastPD, a weekly Twitter chat that takes place Sunday evenings 8:30 eastern. Join her each week as she and co-moderators AJ Bianco and Chris Nesi lead the discussion about how we can learn and grow using podcasts as professional development.

Finally, Stacey is a dedicated, albeit SLOW runner who enjoys using the “alone time” to reflect on education, changes in technology, and the practical marriage of the two. Having completed multiple half marathons (including the Trenton and Disney Princess Half Marathons) and numerous 5Ks, Stacey has had many miles during which to have “running reflections” and “running thoughts”. This site is her effort to share those ideas with the world.

Contact Stacey:

Website:   iruntech

Twitter:  @iruntech


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