IE50: Fear of Public Speaking. The Power of Words.


supertm 2

Fear of public speaking rates at the top of all fears in the US, more so than the fear of flying, heights, spiders, and even clowns.  For a new teacher, the anticipation of delivering her first lesson to a classroom of students can keep her up all night.  Seasoned veteran teachers may have perfected his craft or his delivery has become predictable and dull over the years.

One year, to improve my public speaking skills, I signed up with an acting class.  It was one of the most fun and enjoyable classes I’ve taken.  The course helped me to deliver a more animated and lively lectures to my students.  Recently, to continue to improve my pubic speaking skills, I’ve enrolled with a local Toastmasters International Group.  

In this “between classes” episode, I discuss the value of groups such as Toastmasters, my personal experience with the group, and the importance of refining our speaking skills to better serve our students.  

For a demonstration of this year’s Toastmasters International Championship speech, click here.

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