IE49: John Linney. School Transformation Specialist.


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John Linney (M.A.) is an international speaker, trainer, podcast host and author. As a “climate specialist,” he has provided services and training to over 400 educational institutions, foundations, community partnerships, and organizations in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, & Northern Ireland.

John has worked in public and private schools and colleges and as a youth development and organizational climate educator. For over a decade, he has worked on improving school climates, integrating full service community schools, youth engagement, and bullying and violence prevention for staff, students and parents. John also serves as a founding Director of the International School Climate Institute.

John has been the keynote speaker at several conferences and has been a featured guest on numerous local and national television and radio programs in the U.S. and Mexico including C-SPAN, Univision, and National Public Radio. He has written several publications and is co-author of “Safe School Ambassadors: Harnessing youth power to stop bullying and violence.” Best-selling author Deepak Chopra says of John’s work, “It is the only sane solution for ensuring security in our society.” John is also the host of a top ranked Education podcast, “Edspiration.”

Contact John:

Website:   School Climate Institute

Twitter:   @schoolclimates


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