IE43: Justin Birckbichler. Closing the Tech Gap in the Classroom.


Justin B 2

Justin Birckbichler’s goal is to bridge the technology gap for his students at an early age.   His creative, project based, tech implemented lessons, provide his students with a high level of autonomy to instill confidence and experience based outcomes.  However, it’s not all about technology.  Students sitting and bouncing on yoga balls for seats and implementing “Hunger Game” for test reviews provide a window into a vibrant learning atmosphere this young educator has created and shared through his popular blog.

Our inspiring educator today is an energetic 4th Grade Teacher from Front Royal, Virginia.  Mr. B is an aspiring technology coach, Google Educator, WCPS leader in technology, and a Bammy Award Nominee in the category of Elementary School Teacher of The Year by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences.  

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Website:  Mr. B’s Blog

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