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Jennifer Gonzalez is a National Board Certified educator and the creator of the popular education website, “Cult of Pedagogy.” Having taught and inspired her students for eight years, Jennifer eventually left teaching to raise a family.  Once a teacher, always a teacher.  Jennifer continued to pursue her passion in teaching by guiding future educators at the collegiate level, ensuring her expertise is continued in good hands.  An educator who has always been reinventing herself, Jennifer’s talent and knowledge would eventually reach far greater audience.

If you build it, they will come!  “I hope to create what I did not have myself: a vibrant, encouraging, stimulating community of teachers, supporting each other toward excellence.  I believe if we can reach across the limits of geography and find each other, there’s no limit to the amazing things we can accomplish.”  The Cult of Pedagogy was born.

Join us and listen to our inspiring educator, Jennifer Gonzalez, as she explains her journey and how the Cult is educating, sharing, and connecting educators worldwide.

Jennifer’s Websites and Book Recommendations:

How to Talk So Kids Can Learn

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