IE38: Henry Mulzac. One Isn’t Appreciative Until He Sees Less.


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As educators, we are responsible for having a diverse range of knowledge that goes beyond our subject matters.  We have to be open to accommodate the increasing number of cultures and ethnic backgrounds in our students yet strive to always find and solidify the common bond in all of us.  

What if, you were placed in one of your student’s country?  How would you acclimate to the language, culture, their unique daily routines, and deal with the possible shortcomings in the infrastructure?  It’s a real gut check as an educator.  How we adapt to varying scenarios and our abilities to overcome the many daily challenges we face in our classroom environment allows us to thrive in success or painfully whiter away.  What do you stand to gain by being a fish out of the water?  How does embarking on a road less taken allow us to evolve into a more effective teacher?  

Henry Mulzac is a former Peace Corps volunteer who has served in Belize from 1975 to 1977. “From a Ghetto Jungle Brown Stone to a Jungle Brown Hut” is how Henry’s experience has been summed up as one of the featured articles written on the Peace Corps’ Webpage.  Henry joins us today on Inspiring Educators to share his story as a volunteer and how two years in the jungle of Belize has transformed his life and continues to provide inspiration to this day.

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Henry’s Story on Peace Corps Site:  From a Ghetto Brownstone to a Jungle Brown Hut

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