IE33: Seth Sherwood. Reinvent. Take Risks. Push Past Your Comfort Zone!


Seth Sherwood     Trains

Our inspiring educator today is a professional keynote speaker and a certified facilitator with Premier International Training Company.  Mr. Seth Sherwood is a former elementary and high school teacher and once a Peace Corps volunteer in South America.  Seth holds an MBA from the University of New Haven and recently published his first book, “Trains Make U-turns”, 5 Simple Steps to get your life on track and empower others.  Among Seth’s many accolades, he was once a first place winner of a Spanish variety entertainment television.  Seth is fluent in Spanish, a musician, and his ability to constantly reinvent himself, take risks, and push past his comfort zone has inspired many in and outside the classroom.  I’m honored to put the spotlight for this show on a remarkable friend and a former colleague.

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