IE32: Carlos Granthon. Revolutionizing Music Education In Peru.


Carlos Granthon

Making a difference.  Providing an opportunity.  Inspiring!  Our inspiring educator today is a Peruvian Music professor.  An instructor at a high school and the highly regarded Universidad Catolica Del Peru, he was the founder of the first College Big Band in Peru.

Professor Carlos Granthon is self-educated and grew up in a tough economic condition with few opportunities.  Now an advocate for reaching out to the needy community and some of the poorest neighborhoods in Peru, Carlos provides a hope for Peruvian children to pursue music and a possibility for music to become a passionate profession of choice.  His work has inspired the Peruvian government at a national level.  An innovator who has worked with the Peruvian National Ministry of Education to create and implement a music program for school children, join in and listen to how Carlos’ dream for his nation has blossomed into a single man act to a blossoming symphony!

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