IE31: Michael Chisolm. Eagle Flight Squadron Giving Wings To Dreams.

Michael Chisolm

Who hasn’t once dreamed of flying?  Flying is beautiful, practical, and above all poetic.  Perhaps none has captured the grace of flying better than John Gillespe MaGee Jr. in his poem “High Flight.”  There exist no such thing as a single pilot without passion for life!  Flying is passion expressed unbounded.  Yet, flying for many is grounded by the self-imposed mental gravity denying their dreams.  For many, it’s lack of exposure or an opportunity.  Eagle Flight Squadron is a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to fulfill the dreams of many inner city youths who would never have had the opportunity to be exposed to the field of aviation.

 As you peel the layers of Eagle Flight’s mission, it’s not just about flying.  Its mission is a lifelong one.  For 40 years, Eagle Flight Squadron has set out to provide leadership skills, academic excellence, teamwork, build character, and promotes service.  The squadron’s mission is to provide an opportunity to its students and through its rigorous curriculum, hard work, sacrifice, and dedication, produce a highly capable leader and a lifelong learner.

 Joining us today is the director of Eagle Flight Squadron, Mr. Michael Chisolm.  Following the legacy of success set forth by Reverend Russell White, Michael is a former graduate of the program and has returned to the Eagle’s nest to guide and nurture along each student’s dreams into a reality.  Join in and listen to Michael share the success of this unique program!

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