IE30: Andrew Matthews. Inspiring Through Words and Drawings.


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Johnathan Livingston Seagull, The Little Prince. To Kill A Mockingbird.  Tale of Two Cities.  Being Happy!  We have all had books that were especially meaningful to us as teenagers trying to find a direction in life, and even to this day the many lessons learned about character, grit, the spirit of adventure, and appreciation for our place in the world through our readings have become more relevant as adults.  Just words, yet they continue to swirl and occupy the deep recess of our minds and continue to shape knowledge, laughter, and guidance along with added books to the library of our souls. What a beautiful process and gift to reach out, share, and inspire the many strangers of all backgrounds, age, gender, and cultures.  Just words.

Our inspiring educator is an international speaker and author from the beautiful and friendly, Australia.  His books, “Being Happy!” and “Follow Your Heart” have sold over 7 million copies worldwide in 42 languages in 69 countries!  He has spoken to corporations around the world and has made over 3000 radio and TV appearances on 5 continents.  His current book, “How Life Works”, has been on the bestseller lists in SE Asia for the past 25 weeks.  I’m grateful to have Mr. Andrew Matthews on Inspiring Educators.  Please join us and see how Andrew’s inspiring writings and powerful yet simple drawings have left many to become more introspective and empowered.  

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  1. Manizheh

    Hi ,Andrew ,I am very happy to met you in Sydney ,your books chenge my thought and of course my life.Now ,I can’t say how much happy I am .I am looking forward to see you again.Thanks

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