IE28: Massimiliano Tomba. The Big Picture. A Philosopher’s Thoughts On Education.


Max Tomba

As an educator, it’s always important to look at the big picture and question where our lessons in the classroom will take our students?  We are the messengers from the past and the gatekeeper to our students for their future.

Our Inspiring Educator today is Dr. Massimiliano Tomba.  His job is to constantly question the impact of our thoughts and actions as related to the outcome and how we process our social and political surroundings.  It’s Dr. Tomba’s passion to challenge his students to do more than merely regurgitate facts, but to question their very own conception of self and society.

Dr. Tomba received his Ph.D. in Political Philosophy from the University of Pisa. He is a Senior Researcher in Political Philosophy in the Department of Political and Juridical Sciences and International Studies at the University of Padova. Currently, Dr. Tomba is teaching a course on the Philosophy of Human Rights and Political Theory of Global Society for graduate students and a visiting instructor at the City University of New York (CUNY).

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