IE27: Jim Prothero. On Inspiring Teachers.


Suggest a topic to cover to a group of educators to teach and you’ll end up with multiple lesson plans as unique as the number of teachers in the room.  Each instructor will inevitably include their personal experience and design their own unique lesson plans.   Ask educators about the essence of teaching and you’ll get an answer as diverse as the population, but through it all, among the inspiring educators, there’s always a common bond, a common mission, and a common passion.  We are all subversive conformists.

Today’s inspiring educator is Dr. Jim Prothero.  A veteran high school and college English teacher as well as a valued friend and former colleague.  Jim is also an avid water color artist, a published author, musician, and lover of all things that is not standardized and confining.  A misfit at heart who has been forced to deal with responsibility and reality, Jim has inspired and continues to inspire a generation of young men and ladies to carry on the pen.  In the twilight of his teaching career, he shares his poignant thoughts on inspiring educators.

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