IE26: Alyssa Carson. Thirteen Year Old Training for Mission to Mars.

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Teachers, parents, and mentors all find ourselves in a critical role to influence and provide guidance for our children and students.  We sometimes forget that our children and students have valued lessons to teach us a thing about life.  Our inspiring educator today is a young lady who has her sights beyond the confines and limits of our planet. 

Her goal is to shoot for Mars and she just may become the first person to leave her footprints on the Red Planet.  It’s not just a passing interest, but she’s highly dedicated to her passionate pursuit and with an enthusiastic support by NASA and support from her father, she’s certain to see her reality exceed her dreams. 

Joining us today is Astronaut in training Alyssa Carson and her father Bert.  Listen in and see why NASA is taking Alyssa and others in her age group seriously and investing in their training and future.

Contact Alyssa:

Website:  NASA Blueberry

Facebook Page: Alyssa Carson

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