IE25: Marvin Callahan. My Students Were Going Hungry. I Had To Do Something.

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We often hear about teachers making personal sacrifices to ensure student success.   Perhaps, opening the class early in the morning to provide last minute help before a big test or staying late after school to assist with a science project before the weekend competition.  It may also be helping to pay a deserving student’s way to his or her senior prom. 

Sometimes, the problem might be so fundamental in need, it shocks the community and the nation.  Food, clothing, shelter.  The very basic necessities you and I might take for granted are the very problems some of the students in our nation face.

Our inspiring educator today is Mr. Marvin Callahan, a first grade teacher at Comanche Elementary School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  His students’ problem is a fundamental one: hunger.  Fed up and unable to ignore his students’ struggles, Mr. Callahan decided to do something about it and take action. 

Marvin, along with school counselor,Karin Medina, initiated a backpack program for the Comanche Elementary students in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The program provides entire meals for students who need the most help on the weekend.  Every Friday,upwards of 30 families receive meals to take home, allowing them to get by the weekend.  Join us as Marvin shares the struggles of his students and the backpack program ,and during the program’s lowest moment, how the community rallied together to help sustain and ensure the program’s success.

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Phone:  505.610.6125

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  1. Bill West

    Many hats off to a fellow member of the community here in ABQ for reaching for the heights of altruism and getting a solid grip.

    I’ll be contributing to this fine man’s honorable quest to feed hungry kids on weekends. I spent many a classroom day being more interested in quenching my hunger pangs that what was being taught and learned.

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