IE24. Ricardo Silva. NFL to Teach for America. Inspired and Inspiring!

Ricardo Silva

Many educators, prior to standing in front of the classroom, have held different occupations.  For some it was all part of the master plan and a natural progression to pursue their passion as educators.  For others, it was a chance meeting that would become a lifelong love and duty to serve their students and the community.  Regardless of prior experiences or backgrounds, all educators are greatly defined and shaped by their unique developing years leading up to those initial days in the classroom. 

So what if your previous background was part of an elite group of athletes? The best of the best.  Your resume reads, NFL player.  Detroit Lions. Free Safety.  What qualities and contributions does an NFL player bring to the classroom and abilities to be a charismatic and transformational teacher, to motivate his students, and facilitate the success in and outside the classroom?  Our guest and inspiring educator is Ricardo Silva.  Join us as the former Detroit Lions’ free safety shares his journey staying focused on his dreams while growing up in a tough neighborhood to helping his students fulfill their dreams as a classroom teacher serving for Teach for America. 

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