IE22: Donnell Hughes. Bard Prison Initative. A Second Chance.



What do you take for granted?  What is the value of education?  What role does liberal arts play in our civilization?  If you were given a clean slate in life, a second chance, how might you live differently? 

Our guest today has lived through a life of hell.  Incarcerated when 17 and having spent 20 years in prison for 1st degree manslaughter and dealing drugs, his life took a dramatic change in course when given the opportunity to study and earn college credits while serving his sentence.  Having earned a scholarship to study under Bard Prison Initiative (BPI), he was able to study and with each class and book consumed, the opportunity to pursue his dreams became a reality. 

This is a story of redemption.  This is the story of Donnell Hughes.  His story will challenge your concept of forgiveness, the value of education, the power of optimism, and the dedicated educators who have never forgotten the promise of the forgotten.  Please join us as Donnell shares his incredible journey to reinvent himself and outlook on life!

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    This was fantastic Sung! Loved the ode to the liberal arts 🙂

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