IE18: John Pipe. Part 2: The Many Adventures of A New Zealand Teacher Sharing How Kiwis Get the Job Done!


John Pipe Elction

We continue our discussions about education in New Zealand with Mr. John Pipe in Auckland.  In this episode, John discusses the state of educators in New Zealand as well as the integration of Maori culture and new immigrants in the educational curriculum.  John further shares his role as an administrator and reflects his position outside the classroom.  Finally, John continues to share his wisdom and anecdotal lessons after 39 years as a teacher. 

Contact John:

John Pipe
Deputy Principal Staff Development
Mt Albert Grammar School
Alberton Ave
Mt Albert
Ph 09 8154038 DD
Ph 09 8462044 Ext 8139
Fax:64 9 846 2042
Cell: 021 2864660

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