IE17: John Pipe. Part 1: The Many Adventures of A New Zealand Teacher Sharing How Kiwis Get the Job Done!


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Many have admired Robin Williams’ charismatic and transformational character Mr. John Keating in the heartwarming film “The Dead Poet’s Society.”  Who can forget Mr. Keating commanding his students to rip away the introduction to the class poetry text, kindling the power and the beauty of poetry within the hearts of his students to follow their passion, or leaning in with his students at the black and white photos of once strong young men behind the glass case as he whispered, “…carpe diem…seize the day…”  We should all be so fortunate to have a Mr. Keating in our life.

In a distant ocean away in a paradise called New Zealand, there is such teacher who has bravely challenged his students to gather ye rosebuds while ye may for the past four decades.  The dynamic and inspiring educator is Mr. John Pipe who has never forgotten the meaning and the privilege to lead his students toward a life worth living with courage and honor.  John’s personal journey in education is a life mission that has impact beyond the classroom.  Often putting his serious reputation on the line and role playing the many historical characters to bring history alive for his students, Mr. Keating would approve.  Join in and listen to our unsung hero describe the educational challenges unique to New Zealand and how he is sustaining a marathon career influencing many, while staying innovative, taking risks, and hanging on to his sanity!

Contact John:

Deputy Principal Staff Development
Mt Albert Grammar School
Alberton Ave
Mt Albert
Ph 09 8154038 DD
Ph 09 8462044 Ext 8139
Fax:64 9 846 2042
Cell: 021 2864660

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John’s Youtube Clips:

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