IE16: Albert Kamara. Making a Difference Begins with One Hope and A Long Memory!


Albert K

I would like to take you to a place where your worst 1st world problems become meaningless and absurd.  Located on the NW part of Africa, Sierra Leone is a nation rebuilding itself after a bloody rebel war from 1991 to 2002.  How do you rebuild a country and provide for basic necessities?  How do you provide a future for its children and how do you teach your children to provide a future for a recovering nation?  In a land where there is a teacher shortage, lack of infrastructure,  listed on United Nation’s 50 most Least developed nations, below Afghanistan and Haiti…where average life expectancy listed by the World Health Organization overall is 47 yrs compared to 79 for the US, the recovery is a daunting task.  If you haven’t heard of Sierra Leone, but you’ve seen the movie “Blood Diamond”, the movie details the struggles of this war. 

Our guest today is a native of Sierra Leone and his journey takes us from his home to one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world, San Francisco, but the memory of his home and the plight of his people have  moved him to action to do his part in securing a better future for Sierra Leonians, especially her children through education.  Join us and listen to how our inspiring educator, Albert Kamara, is helping to rebuild a war torn nation, one student at a time.

Please visit Albert’s website to support his efforts to rebuild the educational system in Sierra Leone.  You can also “Like” and join Sierra Leone Village Partnership Facebook Page


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  1. Gary

    The spirit and passion of Mr. Kamara was truly inspriring. Great job, Sung.

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