IE15: Marie Claire Siddall. A Scenic Route to Education and Happiness.


Marie-Claire Siddall

Some of us are fortunate to have a sense of direction at an early age; we have a goal and passionately pursue our dreams.  Few are lucky to find life’s calling at such early childhood.  Some of us are adrift in a vast ocean of life, in a boat without a rudder.  There are few brave and determined souls who dare and eventually find a direction to boldly leave their comfort and safety zone, navigate through uncharted waters, and make a difference in their lives while impacting others.

Our inspiring educator is Marie-Claire Siddall, who has taken a scenic route to her mission in life.  One invaluable commodity every effective educator shares is altruism.  It is Maire-Claire’s daily pursuit to equip her students with a solid rudder to help them steer and navigate toward their calling in life!  Join us and listen in to Ms. Siddall explain why and how she became a high school chemistry teacher and why she is an unsung hero!

Contact Marie-Claire:

Email: MarieClaire.Siddall@SAUSD.US

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