IE14: Paul Yingling. “Aim of Education” Speech. Moderation of Appetites.


Paul Yingling teaching photo (3)

What should the role of education be in our society?  What obligations do we have as educators for our students? What missions and challenges must our students take on towards progress rather than the inevitable change?

There are many compelling and thought provocative commencement speeches given from the well known: Steve Job’s commencement speech at Stanford, JK Rowling’s at Harvard, the “Wear Suncreen” speech that Kurt Vonnegut never gave, and others.  Then there’s Mr. Yingling’s “Aim of Education.”   Ninety-nine percent of you have never heard of this speech and as a messenger, my aim is to make sure his eloquent speech on education, duty to humanity, and life is not assigned to obscurity.  Paul’s speech is sure to provide a moment of pause to reflect, recalibrate, and inspire.

Transcript of Paul’s speech is available here.

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