IE13: Mary Liu. Those Who Can, Teach!


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The beginning of every school year is a meeting of nervous energy, excitement, and undiscovered dreams to be fulfilled for each educator and her students.  The end of every school year is a bitter-sweet goodbye for each class and its unique group of students who will meet in that hour, together, for that last time.  The rewards of an educator is as many as her students and a priceless commodity that is individually gift wrapped; one that provides a timeless joy.

A teacher is many things. She is also an artist. Each hour lesson is carefully imagined, crafted, and performed to amazed smiles, tilt of heads in curiosity, and students are leaning forward on the edge of their seats. Time is flying because everyone is having fun! The prolific artist is an inspiring educator, Mrs. Mary Liu, who is determined to make sure her Harvard degree has a far reaching influence beyond her classroom. Join us and listen to the very talented Mrs. Liu on how she inspires her students while laughing all the way!

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Website: Center for Science and Industry, Columbus, Ohio.  Live View Surgery.

Recent recognition for Mary’s work by Goldin Foundation for Educational Excellence.

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