IE12: Vic Braden. Coach, Teacher, Humanitarian, Tennis Ambassador.



Altruism is a virtue shared by the most passionate and dedicated educators and coaches.  To be a great coach, you have to be a great teacher and to be a great teacher, you have to be a great coach.  “Show me your worst kid, says Braden.  Then tell me, is he learning? Is he having fun? Is he getting better? That makes you the best coach I’ve ever seen.”

Celebrated tennis coach Vic Braden’s approach to tennis is much more than winning on the courts, but winning off the courts, and in his game of life, the more love you have, the better the game.  His dedication to educate the masses about life lessons through tennis is legendary in the sports community.  A teacher, philanthropist, writer, licensed psychologist, sports commentator, and much more, Vic has a lot of life experience to share and recommendations on educating our children.  Listen up!  The coach is giving instructions.

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