IE9: Suney Park. Turning Humble Upbringings and Personal Struggles to Her Students’ Success!


Suney Park

Suney Park is standing among other teachers in the White House being recognized by President Barak Obama.  The President of the United States is teaching Suney how to properly fist bump!  The recognition and laughter shared by those present on that blizzard day in Washington DC is a culmination of one incredibly dedicated educator and her personal sacrifice for her students.

Suney has taken her humble upbringing and personal struggles growing up to empower her students.  Always putting students first, Suney has worked closely with Khan Academy to redefine her role in the classroom and has paved a way to provide a more individualized service to her students.  Join us and listen to the sound of passionate joy in teaching, the pursuit of excellence, and how Ms. Park is always destined to lose a steak dinner bet with her students.

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