IE8: Stephan Anagnost. From Brooklyn, to the United Nations, to the Classrooms. All the World’s a Stage.


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Imagine having a world citizen for your history teacher to allow you to witness and feel the utter horrors of the Holocaust, enable you to empathize with the nameless victims of the distant past, and provide an opportunity for you to apply and act on lessons learned.  Our inspiring educator today provides more than mere facts to his students.  Each class session is a time machine into the past and his students are more than casual observers of history.

Stephan Anagnost’s journey is as fascinating as the class he teaches.  A short journey from New York to Austria has led to a lifetime of dynamic involvement with the United Nations and efforts to help rebuild war torn former Yugoslavia.  Now teaching for American International School on the peaceful island of Curaçao, his fight is to challenge his young future leaders about confronting their own fears and acting on preserving justice for humanity. 

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