IE7: Gloria Montiel. Education Is A Vehicle To Do Something Positive.



The inspiring story you are about to hear is a journey filled with promise fueled by optimism, passion, and resilience.  It’s a personal journey and mission of an unlikely hero, in her words, “…using education to do something positive.”

Our guest today exemplifies the very best of intellectual curiosity tied with social responsibility and determined to use her love and lessons from literature as a conduit for progress.  Gloria Montiel is a Harvard graduate and currently pursuing a PhD in education policy, evaluation, and reform at Claremont Graduate University.  Join us and find out about Gloria’s unique struggles and how she embodies hope for so many!

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One response to “IE7: Gloria Montiel. Education Is A Vehicle To Do Something Positive.”

  1. Juan M. Gomez

    I read your story published in the HBR. It is quite inspiring. I got my PhD from CGU in 2005 and I must say, I have to endure many things like you are.
    Do not stop dreaming and keep inspiring more people.
    I feel renewed my commitment to academia after reading you story.
    Thanks for sharing

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