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Dr. Laz

Our knowledge is ultimately limited and no one truly has a privileged vantage point to define a child’s accomplishment and what defines student success.  Blind and deaf, Helen Keller went on to receive a university degree from Radcliffe College.  Along her journey, social/political causes and international recognition, by Helen’s side was her inspiring educator, Ann Sullivan, the Miracle Worker.  Great educators are many things: mentor, leader, activist, humanitarian, a friend.  Dr. David Lazerson or simply “Dr. Laz”, has been providing hope for his students and parents where such outlook was in a short supply, and helping the many neglected to find their laughter once again. 

Dr. Laz, has been educating, inspiring and changing people’s lives for over 30 years as an author, musician, teacher, and a conflict resolution specialist. Dr. Laz is recognized worldwide for his innovative and educational techniques in learning. He has been featured on many national and international TV specials, such as CNN, ESPN, The USA Network, The Montel Williams Show, and The Phil Donahue Show. He has also been written up in most major newspapers and magazines throughout the country. His book, Sharing Turf, was turned into the Showtime movie, Crown Heights, which starred Howie Mandel as Dr. Laz and chronicled his miraculous race relations efforts during the Crown Heights Race Riots in 1991. “Crown Heights” is available at NetFlix & Blockbusters. As a featured guest speaker at major conventions and book fairs throughout the globe, his lectures have been referred to as exciting, meaningful, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

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