IE10: Alma Ward. A Mother Opens Up Her Purse. I Can See the Handgun. My Son Will Pass.


Alma Ward

Courage is defined in many ways in our society.  Many might think of a brave solider in the battlefield, a firefighter rushing into a burning building without regards for his own safety, or a bystander risking it all to rescue a stranger in harms way.  Real courage is also defined by a caring classroom teacher stubbornly holding her ground, against all odds, to ensure society doesn’t lose hopes and contributions of a child’s future.  Courage is demonstrated on a daily basis by an educator who will provide comfort and offer opportunity to a child when seemingly all else have abandoned hope.

You can’t judge a book by the cover, nor can you judge an educator.  Through her tough exterior she holds the last compassionate hope inside for many students already written off and relegated to a number.  Our inspiring educator today has been tested on a daily basis to help society’s forgotten children, never forgetting her mission, for a career that has spanned for 37 years.  Join us and listen in to the journey filled with tough love by our unsung hero in education, Ms. Alma Ward. 

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  1. Dee Ransom

    Alma and Sung, excellent discussion between the two of you regarding how dedicated teachers make a difference in so many lives. When interviewing for teachers, looking for evidence of persistence, a heart for others and a dogged determination to believe in a child and his/her future (much like Alma demonstrated throughout her career) should be uppermost in the minds of those who hire. Listened to entire interview nodding my head in agreement with so many points. Thank you both.

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