IE2: Paul Yingling. From the Battlefields to the Classroom!



Mr. Paul Yingling served three tours in Iraq and retired as a Colonel in the US Army.  With impressive credentials in leadership and management, Paul is a prolific publisher and has written numerous articles on international relations and military affairs.  He has also taught future Army officers at the US Military Academy at Westpoint, prior to serving along side his former students in Iraq.

What compels a retired Colonel with distinguished service and a wealth of knowledge and unique experience to pursue a career as a high school teacher?  Mr. Yingling shares his passions and visions for educating the American youth.  He further elaborates on one of the best articulated reasons for education in his speech, “The Aim of Education.”  Please join us and  help us celebrate our inspiring educator, Mr. Paul Yingling.

Paul’s Class Website:

3 responses to “IE2: Paul Yingling. From the Battlefields to the Classroom!”

  1. Jack Kelly

    Paul, is an inspiration to all. Truly selfless; an honor to have served with him in uniform. We are lucky to have him back in the class room!

  2. Jessica Roberson

    Greetings from Garmisch:) Hope all is well. Hugs to your family, especially your wonderful wife:) Jessica

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