IE5: Ioana Stoica. Education Was Our Escape and Salvation.



If there is one undeniable strength and the creative nature of education in the US, it’s in large part due to the very diverse and talented population from which we can draw our teachers.  These inspiring individuals bring and share their many priceless and unique first hand experiences and knowledge into our classrooms.

Ioana Stoica is a multi-talented young teacher in DC who has never forgotten her humble roots or the influence of her strong family bond.  She and her family had to endure living under a very rigid cold war era communist rule undergoing a violent and chaotic revolution.  From a turbulent circumstances to an uncharted new beginning in the US to a nationally recognized educator in her field, Ms. Stoica shares the power and lessons in humility. 

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Ioana Stoica works in DC Public Schools at McKinley Technology High School and is a 2010 DC Teaching Fellow and a 2014 Fund for Teachers and Center for Global Education & Leadership Fellow.


DC Public Schools

McKinley Technology High School:

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