IE1: Sung Lee. Welcome! My Vision and Mission.



Hello and Welcome to Inspiring Educators!  My name is Sung Lee.  In our inaugural episode, I share my mission to recognize the many talented educators in our global community.  We’ve all had amazing teachers that have made a compelling difference in our lives.  Inspiring Educators’ mission is to share these moving memoirs from our unsung heroes in education.  Each week, episodes will feature eclectic range of teachers of various backgrounds and nationalities who are passionately dedicated to helping our students succeed in and outside the classroom.  Their journeys are varied, but their bright hopes and visions for their students are their common bond. 

School of life is in session!  Come join us and experience what it’s like to deal with the daily struggles of our resilient educators and students, and find out what it takes to be an unsung hero in our society.  These personal stories by passionate individual teachers will bring tears to your soul, laughter of joy, humble you, and challenge your overall perspective and outlook, but most of all they will inspire you, as good teachers always do.  Common people with a priceless talent to motivate and give, let’s celebrate the fun and many adventurous journeys of our inspiring educators!


6 responses to “IE1: Sung Lee. Welcome! My Vision and Mission.”

  1. Holly

    That was such a wonderful start to the podcast series Sung 🙂 Well done. I am humbled already.
    Best wishes

  2. Frank Carbone

    As a retired teacher, former colleague and friend of Sung Lee I know he will deliver on everything he promised in his intro. He was an inspiration to his students in middle school and high school not only as a teacher but as a role model. If you make his website a daily habit you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Jimm Hughey

    EXCELLENT Sung! I love how you blended your mission with your training and what it takes to teach. I have a personal love of teaching and teachers. I taught for a University for 7 years and have taught Medical & Pharmacy Residents in many circumstances. My daughter taught HS English and Writing plus Drama for many years until she had to retire due to Diabetic complications. Listening to you is both inspiring and builds confidence that our children continue to receive the very best from such dedicated teachers as yourself. Thanks for sharing your insight and life and THANK YOU FOR HELPING ALL THOSE THAT COME UNDER YOUR CARE! Jimm Hughey, M.S.

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